Is Print Back?

In this digital age, digital marketing has become an essential option for companies. With this spotlight upon online promotion, more traditional approaches are often overlooked and in particular print marketing has taken a back seat.

But print is definitely NOT dead. In fact, it is quite the opposite – 56% of customers find print  the most trustworthy form of marketing and it can make you stand out from your competitors – simply because it is done less so stands out more!

We encourage our clients to continue with their digital marketing strategy but to bring an element of printed marketing in to.  The newsletter that we put together for example, for Four Recruitment is printed and mailed to over 1000 businesses every three months.  Four has had tremendous feedback from clients and contacts and it has directly brought business in.  By encouraging a call to action i.e. a competition or the like you are initiating a conversation with potential customers.

We have also sent advent calendars out at Christmas to key targets, these are great initiatives as they remain on desks for a whole month, reminding that target of your business every day as they help themselves to a chocolate!

Take a look at the infographic below produced by Charlotte Print 

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