Marketing Literature

Printed Brochures – we work with our team of designers (or for limited budgets produce something in house) to design, create and write a variety of brochures from tender documents, company introduction brochures and tailored event brochures including:

  • Ibrochures – an online brochure which can be updated on a regular basis and uploaded onto your company Ipads which can then in turn be taken to client meetings etc.
  • Adverts – we can produce a set of advertisements that are on brand and can promote your business to the greatest effect.
  • Videos – we work with our preferred team to create great promotional videos, to help maximise exposure for your business.  We produce videos in the most cost effective way for our clients and can produce up to four videos with just one days filming.  Below is a link to one of the videos we recently put together for Four Recruitment:

Introducing Four Recruitment